several questions on issues of Judiciary and Economy (900)

October 18 – 24 Judiciary
For an issue area: (I will send you resources)
In which courts is the issue addressed, e.g., federal, state, local? 150 words
What recent cases have been brought in the issue area? 150 words
Do any legal organizations address your topic?150 words
October 25 – 31 Economy
For an issue area: Inequality and Poverty (I will send you resources)
Which economic interests and/or factors are involved in addressing the topic? 150words
How does the issue affect the economy, e.g., what are the costs and benefits related to the issue? 100 words
Which organized interests work on policy for the topic? 100 words
How does people’s economic status affect their views on the topic, e.g., are poor people affected differently from wealthy people?100 words

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