Sociocultural factors

One of the main goals of this course is to consider sociocultural factors in the history and philosophy of psychology. In this activity, you get to demonstrate you know what this means and provide an example. Of course, APA style, avoiding plagiarism, information literacy, and doing research are also relevant to this activity.

In APA style, write a clear and thoughtful one page-long reflection on one of the following:

A) a concept in cognitive psychology and how psychology’s understanding of that concept was shaped by sociocultural context,


B) cultural variations in psychology by picking a country and writing about psychology in that country, and how psychology’s views are shaped by that specific sociocultural context.

I expect you’ll draw on outside research and define the concepts, sociocultural factors, and country you’re examining.

Log onto CUNY black board for more info:
Login information will be available for the assigned writer.
Go down to 2021 fall term history and systems of psychology 352 D003[37058]
Then to 12. Current trends

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