Special Dietary Requests


1. Review the Customer Profile provided.
2. Size
> What is the size of each tier for this cake?
> Is there a shape to this cake?
> Provide the width and height of each cake.
3. Baking and Flavour
> Given the special requirements, provide recipes for the vegan dark chocolate cake and filling and the carrot cake and cream cheese filling.
> Provide a diagram labelling each tier’s flavour.
4. Design
> Provide a drawing for this new cake. It must be in colour.
> Provide inspiration pictures for your design.
> Provide a detailed method of how to execute this wedding cake design. Include method of cake covering, fondant, gum paste, cake toppers, etc
5. Materials
> Provide a list of cake and fondant tools needed to prepare this cake. Be sure to include the materials needed for structural stability.
6. Cost
> Provide a costing breakdown for the flavour and design you have chose.
> Be sure to consider how long it will take you and your partner to make this cake with a $20 per hour minimum wage.
> Your quote needs to be as close to the budget as possible.
> Be sure to add a 20% profit for your quote.
> Complete the invoice template for your customer.
A detailed Word document report with all of your information:
1. Cover Page: Name, group members, student numbers
2. Size of their cakes
3. Design of the cakes
4. Flavours (Flavours of each cake in a diagram)
5. Flavours description of each tier.
6. Materials
7. Costing Breakdown: Completed Costing Template
8. Costing Breakdown cont.
9. References
10. Completed Invoice Template
2. A PowerPoint Presentation with a maximum of 10 slides to capture the key points from the above ten (10) sections.

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