“The Moral Panic of the US patriarchal society in response to female Hookup culture

I will choose Option 2 and possibly use the title “The Moral Panic of the US patriarchal society in response to female Hookup culture and sexual promiscuity.” The main object of analysis is the US hookup culture, female promiscuity, and why the US society develops moral panic. Males, who engage in hookups and
promiscuous sex, are viewed positively, while women are viewed negatively. The paper explores if the growing hookup culture among US females is their way of asserting themselves and achieving equality with males. And whether moral panic related to such changing sexual scriipts is an attempt of the patriarchal society to maintain the gender roles and power balance. The first theoretical framework is the works of Gagnon and Simon on Sexual Scripts and sexual conduct. I will explore the layered three dimensions: ‘cultural scenarios,’ ‘interpersonal scenarios,’ and ‘intra-psychic scenarios.’ I will investigate what genders the existing sexual scriipts benefit the most and infer what scriipts the US society considers appropriate for both genders. Another theoretical framework is moral panic and the works of Stanley Cohen. I will explore the stages of moral panic and agents of moral panic. I will investigate why the US society panics that woman use various hookups and dating apps/websites and freely engage in promiscuous sex. Also, I intend to use the ideas of Erich Goode and Nachman Ben-Yehuda in the book “Moral Panics: The Social Construction of Deviance” to investigate why female promiscuity and hookups are viewed as deviant and inappropriate by US society. The paper will also include the concepts of sexual norms, social norms regarding sexuality, deviance and restrictive behavior, sexual desire, symbolic interactionism, and sexual behavior. It will incorporate the works of Gagnon (2004), Gagnon

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