trading simulation report

The project should include the following parts:
(1) Cover page. Show your name and account name.
(2) Trading overview: A brief introduction with a graph/chart clearly showing your profit/loss starting from the beginning to the end of the game period.
(3) Trading goals: A brief introduction of your goal(s) for the trading. If your goal(s) changes as the game progresses, state how and why it changes.
(4) Trading strategy: A full analysis showing how you construct your initial strategy, including your analysis on the underlying stock, ETF and option, and reasonable projection.
(5) Trades analysis: A full report showing what happens on your profit/loss, how and why you change your trading strategy as the game progresses.
(6) Biggest winner and loser: Rank the performance of all the assets in your portfolio from the best to the worst. Identify the assets performing the best and the worst. Provide the reasons why you include them in your portfolio initially. Comment on their performance and provide the reasons why they become the biggest winner/loser.
(7) Trading conclusions. Based on the entire trading experience, state what general factors lead to your profit/loss, the appropriateness of trading strategy and change, and the lesson you learn for investments.
(8) Appendix. Attach a table showing your weekly profits and losses, any calculations supporting trading strategies you used, graphical depictions of your portfolio positions, data and information resources, etc.
The results of the trading should be written up in a formal report that does not exceed 10 pages of double-spaced 12 pt Times New Roman text (not including cover page or appendix). Set margins to 1’’ for top, bottom, left, and right. However, keep appendix to a reasonable length.

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