Unit 8/The Client

Unit 8/The Client. Agency Purpose/Mission, Target Population, and Program or Services
Summarizes all of the following:
● The agency’s purpose or mission

● Target population

● The program descriiption

● Services provided

Theoretical Orientation and Practice
Explains the following:
● Why the theory was selected

● How it matches or aligns with the services, assessments, and interventions of the program or agency

Assessment and Intervention Skills
Meets all of the following
• Identifies at least one assessment tool or RAI (Rapid Assessment Instrument) for your program.
• Identifies at least two evidence-based interventions (EBIs) for your program.

● Explains the required human services skills needed to conduct the assessment and interventions

Ties together the main points presented in the document, highlighting how the theory aligns with the best practice assessments and interventions for the program

Writing and Mechanics
Writing includes all of the following:

● Clear and logical organization paragraphs.

● Sentences are well developed.

● Uses correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

APA Style
APA Style includes all of the following:

● Clearly written in Standard English.

● References or academic sources as required, including in-text citation(s).

● Paraphrased correctly and accurately; direct quotes used minimally.

● Formatted correctly using either APA style or provided template.

Unit 8/The Client

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