What do we mean when we say ‘culture’? One of the most broadly defined terms of the English language, culture can refer to everything from artistic production to how one conducts oneself while dining to the clothes that we wear and the sports we participate in. For this assignment, you are to welcome to consider culture broadly and write an argumentative, comparative essay of two different texts. By text, I mean anything from television show, movie, video games, essays, speeches, videos, social media, etc. One text should explore a cultural identity that you have a fair amount of knowledge about–for example, you might look at a popular television show or movie that depicts people from your national background, gender identity, socioeconomic status, or whatever other identity you wish. For the other text, however, I would like you to explore a cultural identity about which you are less familiar. The goal here is not to simply summarize and point out differences–that’s only a starting point. Instead, you should develop argumentative questions. For example, if you are writing about gender and sexuality, you might ask “How do these two texts reveal distinct value systems regarding sexual orientation?” If you are writing about national identity, you might consider what the creators’ goals are: what does it mean, for example, if a show featuring a largely Indian cast was predominantly written by non-Indians? Who might that show actually be for? Ultimately, the question is up to you–the point of a comparative analysis is not merely to summarize distinct texts. A successful cultural narrative will instead ask probing questions and place texts into conversation with one another in a manner that, once the reader is finished reading your work, they will have a greater appreciation of both texts you’ve discussed. 1250-1500 words.

1250-1500 Words in times new roman 12 and double spacing.

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