write 250 word small discussion on 2 small text following the guidelines

David Ikard and Andrea J. Ritchie are concerned to show that when “whiteness” is made standard or normative, it must be supported by a perception that “blackness” and “non-whiteness” are deviant and abnormal. There is always the need for a binary opposition, such as good and evil, or admirable and reprehensible. Although the writers seem to be different in how they approach certain issues of authority, race, and gender, their articles share a focus on the dangerous narratives and myths that underpin discriminatory politics.
Using precise examples from both texts, which means illustrating with direct quotations, discuss how the authors show that the falsehoods that are used by some to establish whiteness as an ideal are often frightening and dangerously destructive. always use direct quotes and page citations from the texts to support your points.

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