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You represent a marketing consultancy company. Carlsberg Group has approached you with a task.
They have discovered an unspent amount in their marketing budget for the Danish market, which
they have to spend before the end of the year. They have given you 48 hours to give your best
advice on the following:
1. In which of the following products in our portfolio should we invest the marketing budget
and why this product? (approx. 50%)
• Carlsberg Pilsner (biggest market, low growth)
• Carlsberg Nordic (smallest market, high growth)
• Kronenburg Blanc (mid-size market, mid-size growth)

2. For the product that you choose, how would you propose that we angle our marketing effort
considering the competitive situation in the category? (approx. 50%)
Carlsberg is aware that there is little time for the assignment. They are not interested in an in-depth
data analysis. Therefore, they have provided indications about market size and growth (see above)
rather than specific data. They are interested in arguments for and against the different options,
based on these indications and other factors and information that you find relevant from a marketing
You may base your arguments on theoretical marketing analysis/reasoning, and/or data you find
online, data from Marketline Advantage, Carlsbergs annual report (https://tinyurl.com/cvdyba93) or
other sources.
It is expected that you locate and make use of relevant models, concepts and vocabulary from the course curriculum.

We use this book: marketing management a relationship approach

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