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analyzing an ancient artwork. The one I chose was “Stela of the Steward Mentuwoser”. Need to analysis the cultural and historical meaning/background to this piece. Describe the narrative or story represented in your selected artwork (religious, mythological, and historical narratives are popular during the time periods covered in class – research your artist’s subject so you can describe how he or she has chosen to represent it).
.Identify the style of the artwork. How does the work appear stylistically to be a part of the time period / art movement from which it comes?
• Provide examples and details from the artwork to support your conclusions.
• You may also choose to tell me a little about the culture responsible for the artwork of your selection, but only if it is relevant to the content of your paper. For instance, it may be useful to discuss why Egyptians tend to form their sculpture so compactly, but only if you have selected a sculpture (not a painting or work of architecture) that demonstrates this. Please avoid heavily historical details, as the focus of your paper should always remain on bringing about a deeper understanding of your selected work of art.
• Are there any other cultural, religious, geographical, or socio-political values that need to be explored?
Describe the current condition of this piece. Online sources are okay if the have “edu.” at the end and the museum website The Metropolitan Museum of Art. feel free to use your own judgement at the piece

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