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Your final exam is a practical applied exam and worth 50% of your final grade. .

You are to develop the management structure for a FES organization. (Fire Department)

This paper should include the management theories and concepts that you believe would be best for the successful management of the organization.

Please include any insight as to how the current pandemic situation has affected operations and management of responses.

You may also include how the current social movements in our affect operations and the management of response.

You may include diagrams, maps and charts as appropriate.

This is to be a functional organizational management structure that will provide services to the community, as well as meet the needs and expectations of the employees, management, and overseeing authority.

You have many resources available to you including organizations that exist that you are familiar with.

Utilize what you have learned and apply it.

Your paper should demonstrate measurable results…i.e. increase in income…improvement is service….etc.

Your paper should cover the topic completely and be a minimum of six pages excluding a reference page, title page, and abstract. Use at least three references. Submit the assignment in the assignments section. Remember to use APA style. Turnitin will automatically check for Plagiarism review and Grammar.

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