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Writer’s Choice. The focus of this assignment will be on professional situational stress and the resources available for stress management or resolution.

First, locate or create a case study (using literature, a recent news article, or personal experience) that identifies a dilemma or stress-inducing clinical situation.

Next, identify the stressor(s) that you or the nurse was likely experiencing as a result of the situation.

Then, using 1-2 current scholarly articles, discuss strategies that you or the nurse from the case study could have employed to resolve the stressor(s). You may choose an appropriate nursing theory, stress management tool, or any other avenue appropriate to the situation. Whatever tool or theory you use, it must address you (or the nurse) as well as the patient (vulnerable population).

The final product will be a 3-5 page paper utilizing APA format, including a separate page for references.

Submit the final paper per instructor’s direction.


The focus of this assignment will be on situational stress, compassion fatigue, resources for stress resolution, and role transition as a life-long professional nurse. This assignment will also focus on how stress can be managed while applying an ethical framework to advocate for consumers and the nursing profession when dealing with vulnerable populations.

Writer’s Choice

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